• Zen is just a reminder to stay alive and to be awake. We tend to daydream all the time, speculating about the future and dwelling in the past. Zen practice is about appreciating your life in this moment. If you are truly aware of five minutes a day, then you are doing pretty well. We are beset by both the future and the past, and there is no reality apart from the here and now.

    The writer and Zen teacher Peter Matthiessen, who died yesterday at the age of 86, quoted in his New York Times obituary by Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, 6 April 2014, page 23. (via j2parman)
  • Greetings from India, wish you were here! I’ll continue to be here for another week with extremely limited internet and then you’ll have to tolerate the modern travel slide show. #indiadventure (at Backwater Ripples)

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    DJ Snake feat. Lil Jon “Turn Down for What”


    Wang bang thank you, mang. I dance for you.

    Starring Sunita Mani, Aixa Maldonano, Paul Hatter, Allie Lemelle, and Daniel Kwan.  

    Shot by Larkin Seiple, Production Designed by Jason Kisvarday and Kesli Ephraim and the gang, VFX by Zak Stoltz, Produced by Jon Wang, Candice Ouaknine, Judy Craig, Styist Corban Poorboy, Makeup Eleanor Marks, Catering from the incomparable Stef Lynch, Colored by Ricky Gausis @ MPC, commissioned by Mr. Bryan Younce, and so many other awesome people helped so thank you to everyone.  Here’s the new video.  

    Best gaffer cameo ever. 

  • Rare and AMAZING!!! The #Beatles - Isolated Vocals


    Rare and AMAZING!!! The #Beatles – Isolated Vocals

    There is nothing like The Beatles. Listen to 16 of the most exquiste raw beautiful melodic vocals you have ever heard.

    The #Beatles – Abbey Road (Medley) 16 minutes in a capella

    And listen to Paul McCartney rip this one from his heart.

    “Oh! Darling” Isolated Vocals (The Beatles)


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    This. everyone.

  • Oh that? That’s my new house. (at Glassell Park)

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    Could be useful for commissions.


    And it has Mr. Incredible.


    I would also call the full a “wide”. I shall give this to all of my directors.

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    "One of a kind mirror with a handmade bristlecone pine frame"

    From wikipedia: “The bristlecone pines are the oldest single living organisms known (though some plants form clonal colonies which may be many times older). The oldest bristlecone pines are single plants that have been alive for a little more than 5,000 years.”

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    What do you do when you grow up in a world you hate? Sometimes, you do a 360-degree pivot turn on your heel and run right back into its arms. I thought absolutely none of this at the time, I’m pretty sure, but looking back, PKD’s was a science fiction that made my life seem OK. Granted, the crazy of PKD’s work and my dad’s crazy weren’t the same. My dad’s crazy was sad, boring, degraded, and degrading, and as I’ve hopefully established, the crazy in PKD’s work is incredibly the greatest, as well as heartbreaking and dignified in the most unexpected of ways. But all throughout PKD’s stories and novels I found loserness and crazy and I found trying one’s best and having it all be futile, swept into the trash with the leavings of a discarded world. I found both the things I did not want to think about and the opposite of those things, aka space shit. I think it helped.

    Bummed Out And Ugly by Alice Sola Kim

    can’t imagine why this is on BuzzFeed but I loved it

    This is my favorite of his books and knew it would be an amazing miniseries, but Michel Gondry is making it into a movie, which could be pretty good.


  • Jack Nicholson preparing for the famous ax scene.

    The Shining (1980)

    LIstening to the audio book / reading this now.