• DGA Question #1


    icopythat said: If I join the DGA in the 3rd area can I work non union gigs in LA? I assume not, but how else would I get the days for the southern California qualification?

    No, once you join the union, you can’t take non union gigs anywhere. And if you tried and they found out, the fines are pretty steep. But here’s another caveat they don’t tell you. There’s joining the DGA, and then there’s the QL list. You can join the DGA. If a show flips, if youapply and get accepted. But the only thing that allows you to take work, is getting on the Qualification list.


    You have to meet the requirements, turn in your work, and then wait to be accepted and pay dues. AND THEN you are allowed to work in the area they place you in. A few people who joined when a show flipped that they were on actively can not work because they don’t meet even the 3rd area QL requirements.

    How do you get your days if you live in LA? Easy. You have to move outside California and work in a 3rd area until you have your days, or collect PA days until you qualify for 1st area. There’s a running joke about how many PAs in LA actually have their DGA cards and are just waiting until they find a 3rd area job to take so they can earn the right to work at home.

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading into the Basic Agreement to try and be able to do the jobs I want. It is not easy, mostly if you do it the unconventional way of being a 1st AD (non-union) to become a DGA 1st AD rather than work up the way that they want you to, from PA to 2nd to 1st.