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Filmmaker, Photographer, Adventurer; Chad was born and raised in Minnesota, spending his summers canoeing in the Canadian boarder lakes.

As a Producer and Assistant Director he has recently produced the award winning animated short THE GOLD SPARROW, which has given way to the Adult Swim TV pilot DREAM CORP LLC. His documentary web series THE OFFICE: THE FAREWELLS was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award and the feature documentary WE CAUSE SCENES will be released on Netflix later this year. His films have been official selections at SXSW, Los Angeles Film Festival, Tribeca, Berlin Independent, and many others.

He majored in Theater at Connecticut College, and studied at the National Theater Institute and in Moscow, Russia. He's been involved in narrative and documentary features, television, shorts, and videos for over a decade. He has worked in roles ranging from film runner to showrunner on projects costing a few dollars to a few million dollars. His documentary photography and video work with Improv Everywhere has over 100 million views; he currently has 3 features in production; and he is an alum of Phoot CampWilliamstown Theater Festival, and Eddie Adams Workshop.

Chad has jumped out of a flying plane, ran a marathon, and explored a shipwreck 270 feet under water.

He is currently planning a 400 mile horseback trip up the Chisholm Trail and a motorcycle trip from the United States to the southern most point of South America.




moremomentsllc at gmail dot com

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